Year: 2018

huskpower investments

Husk Power Systems receives $20 million investment

Husk Power Systems, a leading rural distributed utility company operating mini-grids in Asia and Africa, today announced a US $20 million equity investment* by Shell Technology Ventures LLC, Swedish development finance..

Year: 2017

Husk Won Ashden award

Husk Won Ashden award

Husk Power is connecting remote villages in Bihar to a clean, reliable electricity supply, which provides better light, harnesses a widespread..

Year: 2015

Giving Back in Biomass Magazine

Giving Back in Biomass Magazine

Manoj Sinha’s dream of providing power to areas of his native India where limited or no electricity is available has become a reality…

Year: 2014

Nature Magazine

Energy: Islands of Light

Pandey and Yadav formed Husk Power Systems with Manoj Sinha, who studied business at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and the company…