Today, most people in rural areas have access to some form of expensive and polluting energy products and services like kerosene lanterns and diesel gensets. A smaller number have access to expensive solar home systems, providing limited DC power for lighting and cell phone charging over a few hours each day.

This leaves a major gap. Households cannot afford to buy large enough Solar Home System or Diesel Genset that could power off-the-shelf high quality appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers or water purification units. Meanwhile local enterprises - shops, rice mills, welders - have no access to reliable three-phase AC that enables major improvements in productivity and cost-efficiency.

Most importantly, people lack flexibility. They want to add appliances or machinery at their discretion and to pay only for energy used, not for assets such as more solar panels or batteries.

We design, build, own and operate the lowest cost hybrid power plant and distribution network in India and Africa, offering our customers a flexible 'pay-as-you-go' energy service, using a mobile-enabled smart metering system. Our grid-compatible "100% theft-proof" solution can be rolled out quickly and cost effectively to support national electrification plans.

This allows our customers to use any appliance and benefit from more productive hours in the day, creating choice and improving their quality of life.

Accelerating growth with strategic global partnerships: First Solar, GEAPP, and Power Africa

World's lowest grid compatible system of less than $2.35 per W or $300 per connection

Design, build and operate 100% renewable power plants (20-250kW) and distribution networks for rural electrification

Most experienced with 200+ plants in India and Nigeria serving 50,000 households
and businesses

Achieved positive EBITDA at corporate level in 2022