Back in 2007, the mini-grid sector did not exist, meaning that remote communities in India and Africa had no access to reliable AC power. We discovered that biomass gasification - utilising biomass waste, such as rice husks, maize and cobbs - could deliver six to eight hours of AC power to rural customers.

Over the years, our customer' aspirations evolved. These communities desire 'on-demand' reliable power that offers the freedom and flexibility to run modern appliances in homes, businesses and small factories. We worked relentlessly to address this evolving need, and in 2015 we pioneered a hybrid system that could generate 24/ power throughout the year by synchronizing solar and biomass gasification power plants.

Husk proprietary biomass gasification system - We have developed a proprietary gasification process wherein the producer gas goes through a water-less scrubbing and filtration process. We developed a new heat exchanger process that has eliminated any need for water, making us the only company in the Indian gasification industry that does not waste even a single gallon of clean water.

We have innovated across every aspect of this production process. We discovered a process to turn the waste product, rice husk char, into incense sticks. For this production process, we recruit and train only local women in the villages that we electrify. We provide a flexible employment to over 50 local women for each of these manufacturing units.

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