We offer a flexible, 100% renewable energy 'pay-as-you-go' service, using a mobile-enabled smart metering system. With a 24-hour onsite service team and a maximum four-hour response time when issues arise, we provide reliable, low-cost AC power that matches the aspirational needs of our customers; for households, community services, small businesses and factories.

Our grid-compatible 100% "theft proof" power generation and transmission lines meet global standards and can be rolled out rapidly and cost effectively to help meet national electrification goals.


In addition to providing access to off-grid energy, Husk also sells household and commercial appliances to local communities, from TVs and freezers to biomass gasification system to power Ag-processing units.

Electrical appliances

We provide grid compatible AC power and actively promote and sell highly efficient appliances like TV, ceiling fans, refrigerators and freezers etc.

Biomass gasification power plant

Husk actively sells its proprietary gasification plants and maintenance services to agro-processing units like rice mills to help them reduce diesel consumption by up to 60%.

Solar home systems

Husk takes an eco-system approach of solving energy access challenges and sell SHS to customers not on its mini-grid network.

Incense sticks manufacturing

Husk developed a proprietary method to convert waste of gasification, rice husk char, to incense sticks and employs women to manufacture these.


We believe that effective training is essential to ensure that local communities experience the greatest benefit from access to reliable energy.

That is why we are proud to be certified as trainers by the Government of India at our state of the art training facilities. We offer comprehensive biomass, mechanical and solar training to over 100 technicians and electricians each quarter, alongside regular electrical safety courses for domestic customers that accelerate the productive uses of their off-grid energy supply.

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