Despite Pandemic, Husk Power Demonstrates Resiliency with Industry-Leading Financial Results in 2020, Doubling Revenue and Quadrupling Business Customers
Husk Power Systems, (, the leading rural energy company operating renewable minigrids in Asia and Africa, today announced that it registered 90% growth in revenue in 2020 compared to the previous year, while more than quadrupling its commercial business customers.

Dutch Development Bank FMO Spotlights Husk Power as “Energy Disruptors”; Invested US $5 Million in Minigrid Developer
Today, Husk Power Systems (, a next-generation power company operating renewable energy mini-grids in Asia and Africa, announced that Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO has invested USD$5 million in the company, while also spotlighting CEO Manoj Sinha as an “energy disruptor” in the latest FMO publication, Future-Minded.  

Innovator Takes Rural India And Africa “Mini” With New Grid Technology
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), India is “one of the largest electrification success stories in history”, accounting for two of every five people newly electrified since 2000. The proportion of India’s population with access to electricity grew from 68% in 2010 to over 99% in 2019.

Leading Renewable Energy Minigrid Developer Husk Power Systems Expands Global Leadership Team
Today, Husk Power Systems, a next-generation power company operating renewable energy minigrids in Asia and Africa, announced the addition of three new members to its global executive team. The hires strengthen Husk’s leadership and set the company up to deliver 10x growth over the next five years.