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At HPU we think of our goal as the student's success, rather than just conveying information. This means our trainers take time to interact with the students' future coworkers, as well as understand the students' work environments. This, combined with our use of industry best-practices and consultants at every step, ultimately helps every student get the most out of the program.

Design Process

When authoring our training material we use industry best-practices at every step. We also make a point of learning from each class of students to improve the training for the next.

Professional Trainers

Train the Trainers

Our trainers attend a periodic 'Train the Trainer' workshop hosted by globally recognized training specialists.

Quality Measurement System

Our QMS, in development, for tracking and reporting student progress and instructor effectiveness, gives us valuable feedback for keeping our programs on track.

Ongoing Workshops

We are constantly administering short workshops to our employees to cover the latest trends or technologies, or address issues that have come up.

Social Impact

jobs created
villages affected


Husk Power University has already helped XXX previously unskilled people take skilled positions in HPS. These are technical skills, business skills, and a level of professionalism that will last these employees their entire life.


These jobs create sources of income that infuse cash into the employees' villages. Over the long term this, combined with the electricity itself, help lead to economic growth and infrastructural improvements in the village.

Commmunity Awareness

Additionally, HPU has plans to develop a community education program that would teach topics like electrical safety and comunity planning. These programs will address not only plant employees but the entire village that the plant supports.

Learning Material

Developed by Specialists

To create the learning material and lesson plans, HPU works hand in hand with Optima, who specializes in training course development. This helps us maintain a level of world-class quality.

Tailored to our Students

Our content is designed to be effective with students in locations with relatively low literacy levels. Program trainers are taught how to monitor each student and help convey the material in a manner that works for them.

Active Learning

Our programs go way beyond the classroom. Our blended learning environment introduces lots of hands on 'practicals', simulations, and shadowing.

Technical Aggregation

We have an effective system for turning issues in the field into improvements in oclass="ur training, as well as our technology.

1. Record Taking
Employees in the field take note of issues as they happen
2. Aggregation
Issues are submitted via job cards to our online MIS.
3. Analysis
HPS Management takes a look at the top issues.
4. Improvements
Adjustments are made to our training and technology
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